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Is 100% Free

A New International Dating Platform Has Announced its Formal International Launch.

A Website Committed To Helping People From Around The World Find Genuine Love And Romance. The Date or Mate. com Community Is Searching For Real People, Looking To Take Love And Connections To The Next Level.

A platform that is expanding each day, will quickly develop a reputation for helping people find, develop, and make connections for love, romance, and other relationships around the world.

“We are very excited to see how helps people connect each day,” Our platform has been created to prioritize the user experience and to make finding dates, love, and romance easier than ever before. A host of features on the platform make this possible, available 100% free For everyone. is an international dating platform that is setting a new standard for social media and social connections. 100% Free to all members, members can easily register and create a profile that showcases profile videos, share their appearance, personality, hobbies, and desires.

Members can then connect with one another through swiping yes or no to profile pictures, public or private chat rooms, and message boards. With over 38 chat rooms to date, there is a place for everyone to find a new friend, partner, or romantic interest from around the world.

After meeting new people, Date or Mate helps connect with text-based messaging and one-on-one live full-screen high-definition video or audio chatting. All communications are safe and secure, providing members with a comfortable space for growing, sharing, and learning about one another in an inclusive setting.

Date or is the way a dating site should be, is committed to curating an inclusive community of genuine, authentic people. Only real profiles and real people are permitted on this platform, and each member has pledged to be looking for love or romance. Members can easily report concerns if they arise. is proud to be pursuing a different approach and will not stand idly by or be complicit in these growing social media issues.

Launched this month, was created to stand apart from the competition with its commitment to its members. First and foremost we will not be taking advantage of people looking for love and relationships or tugging at the heartstrings of innocent people whose only desire is to find love.

This approach includes a pledge to not have false promises, coercive sales tactics, misrepresentations, and other deceptive practices that are commonly used to sell expensive dating service memberships on many other competing platforms.

We want to be known and stand out as the underdog, and we will soon enough be the leader in this social media empire, We are here to build a reputation, and we will soon be recognized not only for our top-tier online dating platform, but as the only Dating Site who didn't turn a blind eye to our communities and people in need, who will help, and donate endlessly, to be the ones who made a difference. did not start with hundreds of thousands of fake profiles to entice you to sign up, we started with Zero, and now with just a handful of subscribers, we need everyone's help.
With that said we need you to join, We need everyone to sign up and to tell all your friends to come to join the future of is currently accessible via a web-based platform for desktop devices. Mobile versions of the  platform for iOS and Android devices avalable here and the Google Play Store 

To learn more, please visit Sign-up today to find love and connections with people from around the world. For additional news and updates, follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other major social media platforms.


 DateorMate.comDate or is a high-quality dating site for singles from around the world. Launched just days ago, The company is committed to helping users connect with other singles seeking casual chatting, dating, relationships, friendships, naughty or marriage. To learn more, please visit